Jia bin, male, doctor, Professor, reserve candidate of academic and technical leader of Sichuan Province, leader of innovation team of Sichuan Province, tutor of master's degree, famous teacher of the University, excellent teacher of Mianyang City, technical committee of China fiber reinforced plastics standardization( SAC/TC39 )Member, Chinese society of Civil Engineering FRP Member of the professional committee, international society for advanced materials and manufacturing engineering( SAMPE )Director. His research field is FRP In engineering structure application and engineering structure safety assessment, completed a series of fiber reinforced composite mechanics and durability, fiber reinforced concrete, fiber reinforced composite reinforcement technology research FRP Theory of reinforced penstocks, FRP The technology of strengthening pressure pipeline has been popularized and applied in southwest oil and gas field FRP Steel bar connector is widely used in concrete structure engineering. Countries undertaking in recent years eight hundred and sixty-three nine hundred and seventy-three , support plan and national natural fund of China, etc ten A number of scientific research projects and twenty Other projects entrusted by enterprises and published academic papers fifty The rest of them were patented ten And participated in compiling industry standards eight And won the second prize of provincial science and technology progress award one Item.